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Daily Word (6 December 2014)


| ˈpəːpəs |


  • noun
    • the reason for which sth. is done or created, or exists
      • (usu. purposes) a particular requirement or consideration, typically temporary or restricted in scope or extent
    • [mass noun] a person’s sense of resolve or determination
  • verb [formal, with obj.]
    • to have as one’s intention or objective


Middle English, from Old French porpos, from the verb porposer, variant of proposer (itself from Latin proponere but influenced by Latin propositus [“to put or set forth”] and Old French poser [“to place”]).

In Other Languages

  • Bahasa Indonesia:
    • noun: tujuan
    • verb: bermaksud
  • بهاس ملايو:
    • توجوان (tujuan) (noun)
  • Cebuano: katuyoan (noun)
  • Deutsch:
    • noun: der Zweck, das Ziel, die Absicht
    • verb: beabsichtigen
  • Español:
    • noun: el propósito, el destino
    • verb: proponerse
  • Filipino:
    • noun: layuninhangad
    • verb: hangarin
  • Français:
    • noun: le but, l’intention (fem.), la raison
    • verb: se proposer
  • 한국어:
    • noun: 목적 (mogjeog),
    • verb: 의도하다 (uidohada), 결의하다 (gyeol-uihada)
  • Italiano:
    • noun: lo scopo, la fine
    • verb: proporsi
  • ភាសាខ្មែរ: គោលបំណង (kolbamnang) (noun)
  • Latino: propositum (noun)
  • မြန်မာဘာသာ: ရည်ရွယ် (noun)
  • 日本語: 目的 (もくてき), 意思 (いし) (noun)
  • ພາສາລາວ: ຈຸດປະສົງ (chudpasong) (noun)
  • ภาษาไทย:
    • noun: ความมุ่งหมาย (khwām mùngh̄māy)
    • verb: ตั้งเจตนา (tậng cetnā)
  • தமிழ்:
    • noun: குறிக்கோள் (kuṟikkōḷ)
    • verb: நோக்கம் (nokkām)
  • Tiếng Việt:
    • noun: điều dự địnhý định
    • verb: có ý địnhdự định
  • 中文:
    • noun: 目的 (mùdì), 用意 (yòngyì), 宗旨 (zōngzhǐ)
    • verb: 意欲 (yìyù)


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