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Can purpose be taken too far?

Living a purposeful life can have negative aspects or results - which is the result of taking things to the extreme. Everything should be kept in moderation, and there are times when we should "give it a rest": we ourselves should take the time to rest ourselves and the things we do.

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The value of inter-faith dialogue and cooperation in higher purpose

I firmly believe that all religions are simply different cultures' ways to commune with the One God. But more importantly, I also believe that these different systems should not serve as barriers, but rather as opportunities for dialogue, mutual support, cooperation, and moving forward together in the name of higher purpose.

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Coming home yet journeying again: Personal CSR at its finest

The 5th Philippine Conference on Research in CSR held last 28 September 2015 was the culmination of a five-part program by the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation that formally launched the concept of CSR 3.0, or Personal Social Responsibility. In practicing CSR 3.0, we are called to undergo personal transformation and always do more than expected, down to and especially the smallest actions.

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A visionary’s flaw, or the relationship between principles and kindness

Living a conscious life of purpose involves high principles or standards, and adhering to them. However, we run the risk of alienating others - and even ourselves! - by too strict an adherence or enforcement of said standards. We have to remember to be kind and understanding in accommodating others - and even towards ourselves!

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West Valley Fault Preparations Part 3: Kits and Plans

This third of three posts about preparing for the predicted Valley Fault earthquake that will devastate the Greater Metro Manila area discusses in more detail having your own emergency supply kit and detailed disaster plans for the family and workplace/school. I recommend assembling your own supply kit instead of a pre-made one that may lack some essentials or contain unimportant things relative to your own circumstances. Disaster plans must be mastered and practiced by all members.

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Gratuitous wits, or the futility of letter debate

What is the use of arguing over something like sola fides when so many people out there need the help of humble and loving Christians who have the capabilities to grant said help whichever way they can? None. There is no point in debating about the letter of the law when the spirit of the law is clearly being taken for granted.

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West Valley Fault Preparations Part 1: Maps and Home Safety Check

This first of three posts about preparing for the predicted Valley Fault earthquake that will devastate the Greater Metro Manila area discusses the fault system atlas launched by government agencies in May 2015 as well as affected settlements, and a 12-point checklist evaluating your home's integrity and safety launched in February 2014. If you live in Metro Manila, I recommend you download these documents and study them.

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Better Over Good

I invite you to contemplate on choosing the better option over the good option in everything you do. Knowing that one can live better should be reason enough to reflect on this. Furthermore, God left no stone unturned in sending His only Son to die for our sins so that we may be saved; in return, we, too, owe it to Him to consider Better Over Good.

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11 things to prepare in the face of a typhoon

So there's now talk again of bracing for a new "supertyphoon" to hit our beloved country (PAGASA will not officially use the super-typhoon classification until next year, according to its administrator Vicente Malano, as they will raise awareness on such first - although the US Navy already classifies it as such), comparable to 2012's Typhoon Bopha… Continue reading 11 things to prepare in the face of a typhoon

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Why a dentist is a perfect example of community

Before I begin writing, I'd like to take a moment to share this video of a story I've frequently encountered over the years. It's about the blind men and an elephant, which is commonly used as a fable for the relativism and subjectivity of truth - how our subjectivity is true but may not be total. But this… Continue reading Why a dentist is a perfect example of community

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The Heroes in Us

This is a cross-publication of my editorial on CSR Bookshelf for yesterday, Monday, 25 August 2014, Philippine National Heroes Day for 2014.

CSR Bookshelf

Today, we celebrate a national public holiday whose significance is very, very special to us as a nation, as a people. Although they are not the de jure subjects of the holiday, thanks to the efforts of some of the people we honor this day, the events that led up to 12 June 1898 began. As such, we commemorate them as our national heroes. Today is National Heroes Day.

National Heroes Day was first signed into law through the national legislature’s Act No. 3827 on 28 October 1931, to be celebrated as an official, national holiday on the last Sunday of August. During President Corazon C. Aquino’s term, her 1987 Administrative Code adopted this in the list of regular holidays and nationwide “special days”. In 2007, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Republic Act No. 9492, which made our Heroes’ Day fall on the last Monday of August.

To us, the millennial youth of the…

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3 Taon, 3 Hakbang

Bakit ko ginagawa ang ginagawa ko? Naitatanong lagi sa akin iyan (ngunit hindi sa ganiyang paraan lagi), at nakakabigo tuwing nahihirapan akong sagutin ito. Ngunit alam ko rin na tama ang aking ginagawa, tama dahil iyon ang daan ng pag-ibig ng Maykapal. Kaya, kahit papano, ako'y namamayapa. Naniniwala ang aking tagapayo na mangyari nating gamitin ang ating mga… Continue reading 3 Taon, 3 Hakbang