Live your truly best life

How can I live my life in the best way?

This is a question many of us spend much of our existence trying to answer. Happily, some get to find it; sadly, others never do. I’ll help you discover your own answer.

Happiness cannot be forced; otherwise, it isn’t really happiness. There will be times when we are unhappy, and we fail ourselves if we do not acknowledge it, and keep pretending that everything is all right. However, we can do something about the life we live: beyond happiness, we can make it genuinely good – your truly best life.

A genuinely good life is never self-oriented or self-centered, but it always includes and is for others. A truly purposeful life, therefore, is always grounded or rooted in the spirit of awareness and service. Active selflessness is the key to real growth as a person, and real joy.

Who am I?

I’m your ordinary Chinese-Filipino millennial who’s unlocked the secret to living my truly best life. I’m an educator, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and consultant, with experience in mentoring, coaching, sales, strategy, systems, and product development.

My chief causes are education, inclusive growth, and the environment. I love travel, men’s boots, books, language, wellness, technology, video games, and Pokémon.

What’s in here?

This is both my professional site and blog. You can use the menu on top to navigate your way through the site. All my blog posts are under “Blog” and its subtopics, while pages discussing what I do, and how you can work with me, are under “The Daily Aloy” and its subtopics.

~To your truly best life!~