“Business is good because it creates value, it is ethical because it is based on voluntary exchange, it is noble because it can elevate our existence, and it is heroic because it lifts people out of poverty and creates prosperity.” (Conscious Capitalism credo)

This page is the landing page for my business endeavors.

Curra Mentoring

Iroseh Learning Center
  • Chief Executive Enricher and First Founder (2018-)
  • Curra Mentor (2017-)

Curra Mentoring is a tutorial and learning center with the vision that its learners Learn for Life. It offers services in three departments: tutorials, language, and personal development (which is taken over by The Daily You).

Stylus Editing

  • Founder (2017-)

Stylus Editing offers editing, copywriting, typesetting, translation, and transcription services. My very meticulous approach to copies and grammar, as well as my desire to empower others, means that our clients walk away not just with their spruced-up output, but also a richer knowledge of how to do such.

Roots Collective

Roots Katipunan
  • Co-Founder and Secretary (2016-)
  • Chief Operating Officer (2016-2017)

The Roots Collective is a network of social entrepreneurs and hubs with the vision of providing hard and soft services to start-ups and scale-ups through retail, capacity, and capital augmentation.

Its pilot hub, Roots Katipunan, is a café workspace and lifestyle store along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines. We commenced soft operations in April 2016 and regular operations in May 2016, from when I served as COO until March 2017. Now, I’m a silent partner, focusing on other endeavors.

The Daily You

The Daily You
  • CEO and First Founder (2015-)

The Daily You is an institute devoted to empowering youth to live their Truly Best Life. It began as my personal blog – the first iteration of this site – on living a responsible life, but I realized it can be redirected outwards to guide others to do so, and beyond that, live with genuine purpose, which is rooted in awareness and service. TDY is now a Department of Curra Mentoring.

Iroseh Trading

Iroseh Trading
  • Distributor, Full Circle (2019-)
  • Member, Young Living (2019-)
  • Dealer, Waters Philippines (2017-)
  • Dealer, Kapwa Greens (2016-)
  • Reseller, Messy Bessy (2015-)
  • Dealer, HABI Footwear & LIfestyle (2015-)
  • Dealer, Human Nature (2013-)

Iroseh Trading is my trading company of healthful, natural, and sustainable products. It began as a simple dealership with one social enterprise that has expanded to include other products, and serves as a conduit for products I’m developing myself (stay tuned!).