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The truth about beauty

How did there come to be a standard of beauty - and who said it has to be thin and white? I believe in true beauty: when you are living out your purpose, when you are living a life of love and of service.

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Tying shoelaces: An essential life skill

Know how to tie your shoelaces! Shoelaces are so ubiquitous that it has practically become a life skill to learn how to use them properly. They're a time-tested and time-honored way of lacing up shoes of all kinds, especially your office or dress shoes, boots, and athletic shoes.

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OotD: 2014-05-02

We've all been talking lately about innovation in fields especially like business. The term "social innovation" has become almost synonymous to social enterprise; the very essence of the technology sphere is innovation. It seems, then, that innovation is not simply a key solution to building a brighter tomorrow, but forms an integral, indispensable, and essential part… Continue reading OotD: 2014-05-02