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When the academe and non-profit collide: Part 2

In the second part of my take on the ugly but avoidable battle between Gawad Kalinga and the University of Hawaii, I discuss things that both sides did that I question for being overreactive.

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When the academe and the non-profit collide: Part 1

The social media battle between the University of Hawaii and Gawad Kalinga should never have happened. In this first part, I talk about the incident itself and some of my own thoughts regarding the matter.

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What is to truly travel?

What does it mean to truly travel? It is adapting an open and mindful mind while staying true to yourself, as opposed to being unaware, intentionally or not, of the ways around you. The latter leads to a less-than-fulfilled experience, while the former makes you grow and appreciate more - one step closer to practicing true personal CSR.