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[Books] Spirituality for all

Fr. James J. Martin, S.J.'s book, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, is a great read for anyone across all walks of life - not just Roman Catholics or Christians - wishing to explore spirituality more deeply. The truths taught by the Jesuit founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, are universal, timeless, practical, and flexible: a recipe for reaching out to the entire world.

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A visionary’s flaw, or the relationship between principles and kindness

Living a conscious life of purpose involves high principles or standards, and adhering to them. However, we run the risk of alienating others - and even ourselves! - by too strict an adherence or enforcement of said standards. We have to remember to be kind and understanding in accommodating others - and even towards ourselves!

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Better Over Good

I invite you to contemplate on choosing the better option over the good option in everything you do. Knowing that one can live better should be reason enough to reflect on this. Furthermore, God left no stone unturned in sending His only Son to die for our sins so that we may be saved; in return, we, too, owe it to Him to consider Better Over Good.

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What is to truly travel?

What does it mean to truly travel? It is adapting an open and mindful mind while staying true to yourself, as opposed to being unaware, intentionally or not, of the ways around you. The latter leads to a less-than-fulfilled experience, while the former makes you grow and appreciate more - one step closer to practicing true personal CSR.

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10 good manners to remember today

Practicing good manners show you respect others and their human dignity. After all, the cornerstone of living well is living a life of service, a life for others and not just for yourself. Good manners is one good place to start, especially if you're young. Here are 10 manners to serve as your daily mental vitamin!

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The Librarian’s: On mercy and compassion – Lessons from a true Jesuit

To weep is to show true compassion, to sympathize with the plight of the less fortunate, to devote ourselves not just financially but also emotionally and whole-heartedly. To act on this is to show true mercy. This is the central message behind the theme of the 2015 State and Pastoral Visit to the Philippines of His Holiness Pope Francis, "Mercy and Compassion", and perhaps his entire papacy itself.

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Why a dentist is a perfect example of community

Before I begin writing, I'd like to take a moment to share this video of a story I've frequently encountered over the years. It's about the blind men and an elephant, which is commonly used as a fable for the relativism and subjectivity of truth - how our subjectivity is true but may not be total. But this… Continue reading Why a dentist is a perfect example of community

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The Heroes in Us

This is a cross-publication of my editorial on CSR Bookshelf for yesterday, Monday, 25 August 2014, Philippine National Heroes Day for 2014.

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Today, we celebrate a national public holiday whose significance is very, very special to us as a nation, as a people. Although they are not the de jure subjects of the holiday, thanks to the efforts of some of the people we honor this day, the events that led up to 12 June 1898 began. As such, we commemorate them as our national heroes. Today is National Heroes Day.

National Heroes Day was first signed into law through the national legislature’s Act No. 3827 on 28 October 1931, to be celebrated as an official, national holiday on the last Sunday of August. During President Corazon C. Aquino’s term, her 1987 Administrative Code adopted this in the list of regular holidays and nationwide “special days”. In 2007, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Republic Act No. 9492, which made our Heroes’ Day fall on the last Monday of August.

To us, the millennial youth of the…

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3 Taon, 3 Hakbang

Bakit ko ginagawa ang ginagawa ko? Naitatanong lagi sa akin iyan (ngunit hindi sa ganiyang paraan lagi), at nakakabigo tuwing nahihirapan akong sagutin ito. Ngunit alam ko rin na tama ang aking ginagawa, tama dahil iyon ang daan ng pag-ibig ng Maykapal. Kaya, kahit papano, ako'y namamayapa. Naniniwala ang aking tagapayo na mangyari nating gamitin ang ating mga… Continue reading 3 Taon, 3 Hakbang

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Fashion and Life: Standing Out (Part Two)

Traveling without your family is a somewhat refreshing experience. In my case, I traveled with my bachelor uncle, my late father's brother (as the third son, we call him 三叔). Perhaps the biggest inspiration for the travel geek in me, my uncle encouraged me to be independent and do things on my own, something I embraced with… Continue reading Fashion and Life: Standing Out (Part Two)

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Ang Libreng Bakasyon at Gamot

"Sa pagbasa ng isang magandang aklat, dapat mag-iwan ito ng maraming karanasan sa iyo, bukod pa sa kaunting pagod. Dapat kang mabuhay ng iilang buhay habang binabasa ito. (A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted. You should live several lives while reading it.)" -William Styron, manunulat Simula pa noong bata… Continue reading Ang Libreng Bakasyon at Gamot