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“In case”: Why getting ready ASAP in the morning is important

Being responsible is to be prepared always, and that applies even on the most basic of levels: getting ready in the morning. First things first, we should be ready - all dressed up and groomed to face the day - for anything from the simplest of errands down the block to something as urgent as a fire.

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11 things to prepare in the face of a typhoon

So there's now talk again of bracing for a new "supertyphoon" to hit our beloved┬ácountry (PAGASA will not officially use the super-typhoon classification until next year, according to its administrator Vicente Malano, as they will raise awareness on such first - although the US Navy already classifies it as such), comparable to 2012's Typhoon Bopha… Continue reading 11 things to prepare in the face of a typhoon