Yesterday, Cathay Pacific announced that it would be rebranding its sister airline and subsidiary, Dragonair, as Cathay Dragon, in what is apparently a unit-wide rebranding campaign (Cathay itself also simplified and posh-ed up its logo and livery). This is good news for our fantasy friend named Dragonair, the Dragon-type Pokémon that evolves from Dratini and into… Continue reading Dragonair?

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The Zygarde question: Is Pokémon Z now likely?

Ever since Pokémon X and Y hit the shelves almost exactly two years ago - and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire after that - people have been wondering about the next installment in the former's line-up - whether there'll be a third, enhanced game called Pokémon Z, or perhaps an X2 and Y2. Some months back, I wrote an… Continue reading The Zygarde question: Is Pokémon Z now likely?