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Two-way individuality

Individuality isn't confined just to how responsibility should start on the personal level. Growing or developing others is also on an individual basis - precisely because we are individuals. Social change should take this very seriously, as not doing so would cause more harm than good.

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The first you, not the next someone

Your individuality is the key to your purpose, and it is uniquely you - while you cannot be like anyone else, nobody can be like you either. Don't strive to be like anyone else (except for Christ), but be an unbeatable you!

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[Weekly Word] Doing it well

| ɪˈfɪʃ(ə)nt | I am not an efficient worker, I will admit it. That alone takes away half - or even more - of my productivity, and it's frustrating: Effectivity alone is not the key. It has to be tempered with and strengthened by efficiency. I first learned this concept in my first management class, and ever… Continue reading [Weekly Word] Doing it well

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A visionary’s flaw, or the relationship between principles and kindness

Living a conscious life of purpose involves high principles or standards, and adhering to them. However, we run the risk of alienating others - and even ourselves! - by too strict an adherence or enforcement of said standards. We have to remember to be kind and understanding in accommodating others - and even towards ourselves!