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YOLO revisited

We can go beyond seeking the experiences that grant us self-fulfillment, and seek the visions including others in them, beyond our loved ones. Now that's YOLO.

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[The Who Goat] How can I share more goodness this year?

Sharing goodness can be done in so many ways - and, in fact, when you live your true higher purpose, your entire life becomes goodness shared. How can you share more goodness this 2016?

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Going Christmas shopping? Buy local or sustainable

Even the things you consume can reflect your state of awareness! Especially this Christmas season, why not be more mindful of the things you buy - where they come from and how they are made - for gifts to your loved ones? Not only would you make your loved one happy, you'd also make a small-time business and their stakeholders happy: the best Christmas gift you can give them.

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Two-way individuality

Individuality isn't confined just to how responsibility should start on the personal level. Growing or developing others is also on an individual basis - precisely because we are individuals. Social change should take this very seriously, as not doing so would cause more harm than good.