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Care for money bills

Did you know that it also constitutes social responsibility to take physical care of your money’s bill denominations? Even a mild defacing of them will render them invalid, and thus needed to be destroyed, and thus needed to be reproduced, thereby ultimately adding financial and environmental costs to society just to keep the fiscal system running smoothly.

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Watch your electronics in humidity!

Take care of the humidity surrounding you and your electronics! Many electronics won't work well or even start breaking down if it's too humid or too dry. Also, using electronics immediately after transferring them from a cool place to a very humid one can cause them to short-circuit. Let it "cool down" for a short while before using it.

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Never immediately wash hot pans in cold water!

Our high school physics classes would teach us that things tend to expand in heat, and contract in cold. (Remember that solids have rigidly-structured molecules, liquids have rather loosely-structured ones, and gases have almost free-flowing particles. And that solids turn into liquids, and liquids into gases, the higher the temperature.) It may sound somewhat Ivory… Continue reading Never immediately wash hot pans in cold water!