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[PH Credit Cards] Which World MasterCard is the best?

The Philippines has eight World MasterCards, each with their own range of benefits and features. Here, I discuss them one-by-one.

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[UPDATED FOR 2019] The best travel credit cards in the Philippines + ranking (Part 2 of 2 – Non-airline-specific cards and verdicts)

Part two of this article on the best travel credit cards of 2019 in the Philippines covers the non-airline-branded cards, as well as my verdict and a summary.

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[UPDATED FOR 2019] The best travel credit cards in the Philippines + ranking (Part 1 of 2 – Airline-specific/co-branded cards)

What are the best travel credit cards in the Philippines for 2019?
Part one of this article covers airline-branded cards.

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6 reasons for my morning routine

I'm not always a morning person, but I have a routine I stick to - because I want to use my abilities to make life good for myself, for others, and even my things.

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Dry throat when you wake up?

Key Takeaway: Is a dry throat keeping you grumpy when you wake up? The air around you might be dry, and placing a glass of water by your bedside the night before could provide comfort. And of course, drink it when you get up!   Have you woken up in the morning only to feel nauseous or… Continue reading Dry throat when you wake up?

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How is hoarding un-purposeful?

Hoarding can come in many different forms - physical, digital, emotional and financial. And they're all against the tenets of awareness, even if said hoards are supposedly tidy. True organization is simple and purposeful, and to truly deal with hoarding is to deal with the personal mindset and standards on things, vis-à-vis purposeful living.

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Higher purpose: Love beyond passing

True purpose isn't called "higher purpose" for no reason: it is greater than us and is beyond us, and will keep on going even long after we have gone - whether it's dying or simply leaving. It is most evident in how we remember someone, and what we do with that remembrance as we live our daily lives. It is, in a nutshell, love beyond passing.

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[To Self] 4 ways to make hand-washing a habit more effectively

Global Handwashing Day, celebrated last Thursday, is meant to raise awareness on the importance of washing hands regularly and properly as a habit - mainly to prevent diseases. But it also reflects awareness for yourself and others. Here are four tips on how to make handwashing a habit more effectively.

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Going Christmas shopping? Buy local or sustainable

Even the things you consume can reflect your state of awareness! Especially this Christmas season, why not be more mindful of the things you buy - where they come from and how they are made - for gifts to your loved ones? Not only would you make your loved one happy, you'd also make a small-time business and their stakeholders happy: the best Christmas gift you can give them.

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The value of inter-faith dialogue and cooperation in higher purpose

I firmly believe that all religions are simply different cultures' ways to commune with the One God. But more importantly, I also believe that these different systems should not serve as barriers, but rather as opportunities for dialogue, mutual support, cooperation, and moving forward together in the name of higher purpose.

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Coming home yet journeying again: Personal CSR at its finest

The 5th Philippine Conference on Research in CSR held last 28 September 2015 was the culmination of a five-part program by the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation that formally launched the concept of CSR 3.0, or Personal Social Responsibility. In practicing CSR 3.0, we are called to undergo personal transformation and always do more than expected, down to and especially the smallest actions.

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[Self] Rest after eating meat for digestion purposes

In another simple way to help contribute to good health, consider reworking your schedule so that you don't do intensive work (or at all!) after eating a heavy meal, especially one with meat. The energy used to digest the meat - which may take longer than for other foods - would conflict with powering you for work, thereby taking longer to digest your food.

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Away with disposables… plastic and paper, that is

Get out and good riddance, traditional disposables. These environmental hazards are now so ubiquitous establishments the world over are raising awareness one way or another. The popular solution nowadays is to provide incentives for using reusable things - but what if they themselves are environmental hazards? No fretting - there's sustainable disposables!

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10 good manners to remember today

Practicing good manners show you respect others and their human dignity. After all, the cornerstone of living well is living a life of service, a life for others and not just for yourself. Good manners is one good place to start, especially if you're young. Here are 10 manners to serve as your daily mental vitamin!

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11 things to prepare in the face of a typhoon

So there's now talk again of bracing for a new "supertyphoon" to hit our beloved country (PAGASA will not officially use the super-typhoon classification until next year, according to its administrator Vicente Malano, as they will raise awareness on such first - although the US Navy already classifies it as such), comparable to 2012's Typhoon Bopha… Continue reading 11 things to prepare in the face of a typhoon

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2 things for a true learner to know.

Good evening, dear readers! You may have noticed something as you browse through this library, especially in the Wikipedia and journals sections. While this library's name is CSR Bookshelf, and thus focuses on CSR research (CSR Bookshelf is connected with BCYF's CSR World department, but not the Institute for Social Enterprise and Development [ISED] department), we… Continue reading 2 things for a true learner to know.

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Fashion and Life: Standing Out (Part Two)

Traveling without your family is a somewhat refreshing experience. In my case, I traveled with my bachelor uncle, my late father's brother (as the third son, we call him 三叔). Perhaps the biggest inspiration for the travel geek in me, my uncle encouraged me to be independent and do things on my own, something I embraced with… Continue reading Fashion and Life: Standing Out (Part Two)