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6 easy ways to combat stress

Stress, if not taken well, can be our undoing. It is what weakens the immune system and therefore makes us more susceptible to disease and illness. Fortunately, it can be managed very easily. Here are six ways how.

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Nature, M.D.

The human body has - and even is - its own natural healing system, something that Western medicine takes for granted. This is ultimately rooted in amino acids, of which we need 20 different kinds to stay healthy. Amino acids are best found in food. Stay healthy therefore by eating a balanced diet and eating rightly!

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Beware of over-cleaning!

Using antibacterial agents too much, or being a neat freak - whether it's your body or your surroundings - can actually be harmful for you in the long run, as your body either loses the opportunity to learn how to defend itself, or gets introduced to potentially deadly chemicals. I invite you to moderate your hygienic practices - do it properly but do not be perfectionist about it.