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A Brilliant Time

What a brilliant time to be alive. Tinier than the eye can see, yet enough to bring the whole world on its knees. Infections spread faster than gossip, and death unnecessarily cuts short hopes, ambitions, and dreams. One entire industry completely risks itself and is in desperate need of help.

What a brilliant time to be alive. Entire nations are ground to a halt. Societies are shut down, tourism and businesses are decimated, and economies are on the brink of collapse. A country can hibernate if forced to, but people still need to eat and drink every day.

What a brilliant time to be alive. Supposed “leaders” are bungling their responsibilities as servants or rulers of the people, whether paralyzed by fear, misguided by fakesperts, or blinded by selfishness. (Those who do take the initiative to improve things are immediately shot down and told to get in line at the risk of punishment.) And on the other hand, communities of professional complainers and whiners abound, attacking every single thing their leaders do – as if those leaders didn’t already have more than enough to worry about.

What a brilliant time to be alive. Pride causes entire countries to go to war against each other, or even themselves. Families are torn apart, spouses and children are beside themselves with anxiety day and night, and their worst fears may or may not come true. And no one actually wins. All suffer, and what for? Ego?

What a brilliant time to be alive. We are killing our common, universal home. Those who should be spearheading its care and preservation are instead engineering its neglect and destruction. All for greed and self-interest, all at the expense of the least, the last, and the lost, and those who will come after us.

What a brilliant time to be alive! Tinier than the eye can see, yet enough to bring the whole world on its knees. It is a reminder that no one is too big to fail – a reminder to cast off arrogance and put on humility. It is also a reminder that we, too, can cause real change.

What a brilliant time to be alive! People are remembering to give and live again. They are remembering that money is not everything, that prestige is not equal to happiness, that power is ultimately nothing if misused. They are remembering that they are where they are due to a world of other people in their lives, and they remember to express their gratitude and appreciation through whichever means they can.

What a brilliant time to be alive! The flames of passion of those who seek justice for all have never burned more fiercely than now. Righteous anger is being felt on both sides, and a demand for change. They clamor for accountability, for proper action… and for integrity. Both institutional corruption and mob rule are being increasingly told they are no longer welcome.

What a brilliant time to be alive! Physical walls are needed for now, but emotional and social walls are being torn down, especially where they are not supposed to be. Families are reconnecting and learning to be families again. Technology is helping old friends reach out to each other once more, sometimes being silly in the process. Communities are getting to know each other and building neighborly relationships.

What a brilliant time to be alive! We can see the sky once more, and re-experience a glimpse of creation as it is meant to be. We are coming together, as one, to apologize to our creator for all the mistakes we have done, to humble ourselves and pray, to seek his face, to ask him to hear from heaven, and heal our land. Inside and outside.

What a brilliant time to be alive, indeed!

This was originally published on the author’s personal Facebook feed (facebook.com/TheDailyAloy) on 30 March 2020. A few formatting changes have been made on this site for the sake of emphasis and readability.

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