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I am honestly afraid.

I am afraid for our planet, our home, the world that our Lord created, and the civilizations man has built over the last millennia. How it may become dangerous if not even unsuitable to our living unless some drastic measure is taken.

I am afraid for the land we will be returning to our children, and they to their children, how they are to live and enjoy the fruits of our labors, when their home is in serious need of housekeeping and Mother Earth is running a high fever that may take more than regular medication to bring down.

I am afraid for the billions of people who live with us today, how many of them are running a higher risk of perishing due to weather extremities and adverse effects on agriculture and the places they live in.

I am afraid for the inevitable chaos and widespread devastation that will break out, a mere teaser of which we have already seen through Typhoon Haiyan and Cyclone Winston, to name just a few.

I am afraid the efforts of those who are really concerned will not make much of an effort unless it is a collective and global movement to really reverse global warming and climate change.

Because, most of all, I am afraid that at the end of the day, people will not care, even as their home and even their own existence is under threat.

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