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[The Who Goat] How can I share more goodness this year?

Key Takeaway: Sharing goodness can be done in so many ways – and, in fact, when you live your true higher purpose, your entire life becomes goodness shared. How can you share more goodness this 2016?

Photo copyright 2016 Allister Roy S. Chua

Let’s share goodness.

Last Saturday, I attended the first Magalogue Turnover – product launch – of Human Nature, in their Marikina branch, where they talked of the year that was and the year to come. And, as I showed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook last week, I was touched that they took the effort to personalize their new mug design to honor those who had been a big part of their so-called “Goodness Journey”, and I was one of those.

Photo copyright 2016 Allister Roy S. Chua

More than anything, this mug only inspires me further to redouble my efforts in social enterprise and patronization of such. The quote reads “Life is generous to those who give generously to life”, and is a quote from Tony Meloto, the founder of Gawad Kalinga and the father of Human Nature’s own founders. For the Human Nature and GK Enchanted Farm family, the simplest way anyone can do so is to use products that are locally, responsibly, and sustainably made. This year, HN calls it Sharing Goodness, with their official hashtag #ShareGoodness.

Besides responsible consumerism, there are so many ways to share goodness, and everyone can share the goodness they have in them. One of my brother’s best friends, for example, is getting married today, and the very fact that she is pronouncing her love in front of the Lord for someone else is a testament to the goodness she is sharing – she is sharing her entire self with him, and he her. But marriage is just one way – and one way that not everyone is necessarily called to.

Everyone has goodness, and their innate goodness is tied in to their purpose. Since purpose ought to be rooted in awareness and service, and lived with love, living one’s purpose is making sharing goodness a lifestyle, an integral part of one’s being. It makes sharing goodness inseparable from the very life you live.

Consider the forest ecosystem: plants and animals complementing each other in different ways, some obvious, others not so. They are all sharing goodness, whether visible or not. And we, too, are invited to share our goodness with everyone else, whether or not they are seen by others. In fact, it’s better to share them in ways not seen by all, in order to draw attention away from ourselves and redirect it to loving others.

Sharing goodness can be as humble as sharing a kind word with someone, friend or stranger. Or being hospitable to a loved one knocking at your door. Or showing mercy towards your companions. Or even apologizing to someone you’ve hurt, or resume outpouring the love you’ve withheld from a longtime friend you grew apart from.

In fact, we all ought to live life this way, to have a foundation of goodness, that we can grow outwards and perform even more, even bigger, acts of goodness – such as starting a social enterprise, a charitable initiative, or even a family.

Goodness is found anywhere and everywhere, if you just take a closer look, and it is always ready to be shared, if you want to.

This weekend, I invite you to reflect on how you can share more goodness this 2016, and how much of a positive impact it makes on your life – by sharing below.

Have a purposeful weekend!

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