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Key Takeaway: The key to understanding everything, especially about yourself, is all about asking WHY. It leads to a deeper appreciation of your thoughts, words, and actions – and thus empowers you to live a better life well anchored on something eternal. Our entire beings are put into perspective: our underlying reason and purpose.


This is, I believe, the key question that each and every one of us should ask ourselves every day of our lives. Why?

This blog is all about living a conscious (i.e. responsible) and faith-driven (i.e. service-filled) life. But to understand it more deeply – and thus gain a deeper appreciation for it that would enable one to actually live it out – it is important to know the underlying reason. Your underlying reason. It is the key to understanding yourself, the personal stakeholders (living and otherwise) you interact with, and the world around you.

Ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Why do I not use disposable items? Why do I obey the rules faithfully? Why do I care about treating others nicely? Why should I practice healthful living? Why do I care so much about this but not about that? Surely, there is a reason you do it, or you wouldn’t be doing it in the first place!

Ask yourself about your faith. Why do I believe? Why do I have this faith? Why am I a Christian (or a Muslim, a Hindu, etc. for that matter)? Why do I serve? Why do I love? Even faith is built on reason; reason is God’s precious gift to humankind alone, and we are to use all our gifts to worship and commune with Him!

Once you ask yourself why, and start getting answers, you will be one step closer to discovering the deepest and most essential part of yourself: your reason, your purpose. And in doing so, you put everything you do and believe in perspective: everything fits into a grander scheme of things that is uniquely you forevermore.

This is why (hehe) I believe in Consciousness and Service for a Reason: the full spirit behind this blog.


So whenever you feel down, or at least pensive, always ask yourself WHY. Ask, and think on it, and I am pretty sure you will spend the next hour simply getting to know yourself better in a way unlike what you’ve ever imagined.

Special thanks to my friend, Mr. Delfin Villafuerte, who posted a similar status on his Facebook page and thus reminded me that I should write about this post right away.

Have a blessed weekend!

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