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Will we see a Pokémon Z or a Pokémon X2 and Y2: Pokémon X and Y 2 and Verdict

Two days ago, I began discussing the probable follow-up to Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the four hitherto-released games of what is called Generation VI, the Nintendo 3DS generation of the main series Pokémon games. Based on the history of the Pokémon main games franchise, two choices, which fans are debating on, are to be chosen from: a Pokémon Z (which I discussed yesterday), or a Pokémon X and Y 2.

This time, I present my views supporting a Pokémon X and Y 2.

Here we go.

The Generation V Gamechange (pun intended)

The Pokémon Company/Bulbapedia (edited by Allister Roy S. Chua 2015)
The Pokémon Company/Bulbapedia (edited by Allister Roy S. Chua 2015)

There is a very good reason why Generation V, which introduced Pokémon Black and White, and the first follow-up games pair (Black and White 2), did so instead of releasing Pokémon Gray, and it has to do with the story. Although Generations II, III, IV, and even VI have to some extent displayed the principles of balance and duality, only Generation V has taken it one step further.

The mascot trio of Generation V revolves around yinyang, which calls for balance in life and in everything lest there be chaos. Therefore, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The very titles of the games alone – black and white – already connote duality and opposites. Zekrom and Reshiram, the mascots, split from the same dragon, and the “empty shell” became Kyurem, who represents wuji, or infinite absence.

From that point of view, it was only apt for Black and White 2 to emerge: to take full advantage of the yinyang concept presented this generation. Because Zekrom and Reshiram split from the same dragon, Black and White Kyurem make sense: Kyurem would be filled by either of them – by either ideals or truth, respectively.

You can argue that Pokémon Gray would have reconciled the two by fusing Zekrom and Reshiram back into the same original dragon for a mega-powerful Pokémon, a pseudo-Mega Kyurem of sorts. In fact, that was what I, too, expected, and for me, it makes better sense for Kyurem to be filled by both of its brothers than just one of them. But it would not fit within the yinyang balance – and you have to remember, Pokémon is a Japanese creation, and pre-modern Japan was heavily influenced by ancient China.

Arguments for Pokémon X2 and Y2

Generation VI is not opposites-oriented enough as Generation V was. But there are still a few indications in X and Y to support an X2 and Y2, based on how Black and White 2 played on top of Black and White. Let’s go through each of them.

Two is Always Better Than One

The Pokémon Company/Bulbapedia (edited by Allister Roy S. Chua 2015)
The Pokémon Company/Bulbapedia (edited by Allister Roy S. Chua 2015)

Charizard and Mewtwo are the only Pokémon with two Mega Evolutions. Furthermore, these Mega Evolutions are called X and Y. The X Mega Evolutions play on physical Attack while the Y Mega Evolutions play on Special Attack. The X Mega Evolutions also seem to have more substantial physical changes to the Pokémon than do the Y evolutions.

It would not seem likely for these two Pokémon to introduce a third Mega Evolution – Mega Charizard Z and Mega Mewtwo Z would be simply bizarre, if all other Mega Evolution-capable Pokémon have just one Mega Evolution apiece. Two is enough.

In an X and Y 2, this motif would fit well; perhaps a Special Attack-oriented Mega Evolving Pokémon, perhaps a Hoenn starter (to complement Charizard’s being the only Kanto starter that has two Mega Evolutions) like Sceptile, would have a Mega Sceptile X with high Attack. The current Mega Sceptile would then be retconned to be Mega Sceptile Y.

Lysandre’s Story

After activating the Ultimate Weapon, Lysandre was buried by the avalanche of rocks falling into the Team Plasma HQ, and is not heard of since. But what if he were alive, and X and Y 2 were set two years on just as Black and White 2 were? Perhaps we would see more of Team Flare, with a darker Lysandre – just as how Ghetsis was darker (though less evil, if there were such a thing) in Black and White 2.

We may even see the Ultimate Weapon and AZ make comebacks in a sequel to X and Y, since the Ultimate Weapon, like Lysandre, was left hanging at the end of X and Y, and I just want to see more of AZ after his redemption at the end of the game.

Desired Features

Just as in Z, I have my own desires for X and Y 2. Because the only benchmark is Black and White 2, I’ll be taking my discussions from there, but allow myself to be influenced by the third versions too.

Almost all of my desired features in Pokémon Z would appear in an X and Y 2 too. Similar to how Black and White 2 updated gameplay features just as a Gray would, so would these.

Updated Pokémon-Amie

I’d also expect Pokémon-Amie to be updated, again with new ways to interact with your Pokémon as well as new mini-games. If several years would elapse from the timeline of X and Y, surely in-universe technological innovations could apply here too.

Updated Super Training

Again, if Pokémon-Amie receives updates, so would Super Training. Again, even if just aesthetically – for example, the Balloon Bots are colored with the Pokémon’s natural colors (or you can even choose your color scheme)! Some of the Balloon Bots themselves could be updated (for example, the HP series would be Happiny, Chansey, and Blissey; while the Special Defense series would be Flabébé, Floette, and Florges; and the Speed series would be Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat – or the Secret Super Training challenges could be changed). More types of Training Bags could still also be added, again as a result of several years’ technology.

More Customization

It would be likely that the player characters would be different again, although there’d be no reason much for Calem and Serena to leave Kalos – unless, for example, they returned to Johto to follow in their mother Grace’s footsteps to be a Rhyhorn racer.

The incoming characters would surely also have customization features. But like in my hopes for Z, perhaps more ways to customize could be given to these new characters – more hairstyles, differing facial and skin features, and of course more clothes.

Mega Evolutions

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire brought almost as much Mega Evolutions to the foray as X and Y did. If X and Y 2 are released, a lot more Mega Evolutions would surely join the fray.

I would still expect the following, due to their counterparts (official or otherwise) already introduced:

  • Mega Butterfree (to complement Mega Beedrill)
  • Mega Slowking (to complement Mega Slowbro)
  • Mega Milotic (to complement Mega Gyarados)
  • Mega Froslass (to complement Mega Glalie)

And even Mega Dragonite and Mega Hydreigon, since the other pseudo-legendaries (Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, and Garchomp) already have Mega Evolutions. Mega Goodra would be an anomaly, though, given that Diancie is the only Generation VI Pokémon so far to have a Mega Form.

What about Mega Hippowdon, to complement the hail-inducing Mega Abomasnow?

New Forms

I am sure that, with an X and Y 2, Xerneas and Yveltal would receive new forms. Or Zygarde could still become the mascot, but get an X and Y-related form each somehow. It may seem weird, though, since Zygarde already screams “Z”.

Primal Reversion for Xerneas and Yveltal would seem more reasonable here than in Z, though. Perhaps Game Freak wouldn’t mind reusing mascots right away, but with super-enhanced forms the way Primal Groudon and Kyogre built on their regular forms. Again, given Team Flare’s idea of a beautiful world, and Primal Reversion’s drawing from nature, there could be some sort of relationship forged there.

As in Z, surely X and Y 2 would be the time to début AZ’s Floette, or Floette Eternal as Smogon currently dubs it. If the storyline is to go deeper and it does involve AZ, it would be interesting to see how his Floette contributes to the story, and to its being our Pokémon.

Move Tutors

Black and White 2 introduced Move Tutors for Generation V. I am sure that the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Move Tutors would return here, also in Kiloude City.

Updated Trainer Rosters

As time passed, the trainers in Black and White updated their teams for Black and White 2. Surely X and Y 2 would do the same. Perhaps Clemont would become the second Gym Leader, just as how Fantina became the third from the fifth leader from DP to Platinum, although I find this scenario more likely in Z.

The Verdict

So, after listing down my discussions and desires for both sides, I’d have to come to a conclusion, and based on how I’ve written both, I might have given myself away early. The winner for me is Pokémon Z.

International Business Times (click to visit)
International Business Times (click to visit)

The version mascots are the biggest factor in my opinion. It would be bizarre – though admittedly not impossible – to see Xerneas or Yveltal fused with Zygarde, and given their representations, it would make even less sense. My arguments for X and Y 2 seem to pale in comparison to those for as well.

That said, I’m hoping Pokémon Z is released this year. Although Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum were released in spring outside Japan, in Japan, where they were first released, they were so in the fourth quarter of the year, in autumn or early winter. Since Generation VI has standardized release dates, it seems logical that Pokémon Z would be released worldwide between September and December 2015. Furthermore, Pokémon Black and White 2 were announced February 2012 and released June 2012 in Japan, October outside. Pokémon Platinum was leaked and announced in May 2008; perhaps within a month or two from now, we’ll hear the long-awaited news on the next Pokémon game.

See you in Kalos!

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