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Gongxi Facai from The Daily Aloy!

The Daily Aloy is delighted to usher in the Lunar New Year 2015 with you, dear readers. Welcome to the year of the Wooden Goat (Sheep or Ram in other countries)!


(Gōngxǐ fācái, niánnián yǒu yú)

The above greetings are auspicious and common greetings for the Lunar New Year. If you’re from the Philippines like I am, you’ll hear the former in its Cantonese version, Kung Hei Fat Choi. We say 恭喜, “congratulations”, to congratulate each other for having lived through the previous year. 發財 means “to discover wealth”, and we wish this onto others that they may find prosperity and success this new year. So is the saying 年年有餘, literally “year [after] year with abundance” – basically wishing one a prosperous life not just this year, but every year hereafter.

So, TDA wishes you a year filled with blessings and love, and for every year after that. 🙂

Happy New Year!

Design by Allister Roy S. Chua (2015)
Design by Allister Roy S. Chua (2015)

MAREEP and GOGOAT are registered with The Pokémon Company/GameFreak, Inc. Photos are official artworks by Ken Sugimori for the same purposes, and are taken from Bulbapedia.

Fireworks images and the reversed 福 are public domain images from

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