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Daily Word (15 November 2014)


| dɪˈvɛləpm(ə)nt |


  • noun (mass noun)
    • the process of developing or being developed
      • a specified state of growth or advancement
      • [count noun] a new and advanced product or idea
    • [count noun] an event constituting a new stage in a changing situation
    • the process of converting land to a new purpose by constructing buildings or making use of its resources
      • [count noun] an area of land with new buildings on it
    • the process of starting to be affected by an ailment or feeling
    • the process of treating photographic film with chemicals to make a visible image
    • (in chess) the process of bringing one’s pieces into play in the opening phase of a game

Etymology (for “develop”)

Mid 17th century (‘unfold’, ‘unfurl’) from French développer, based on Latin dis- ‘un’ + a second element of unknown origin also found in envelop

In Other Languages

  • Bahasa Indonesia: pengembangan, pembangunan
  • بهاس ملايو:
    • ڤڠمبڠن (pengembangan)
    • كماجوان (kemajuan)
  • Cebuano: kalamboan
  • Deutsch:
    • die (Weiter)entwicklung, die Erschließung
    • die Ausbildung (education)
  • Español:
    • el desarrollo
    • la evolución (progress)
  • Filipino:
    • pag-unlad
    • pagtubo (growth)
  • Français:
    • le développement
    • l’évolution (fem.) (evolution)
    • la formation (education)
  • 한국어: 개발 (kaebal)
  •  Italiano:
    • lo sviluppo
    • la evoluzione (evolution)
  • ភាសាខ្មែរ: ការអភិវឌ្ឍ (kar aphivod)
  • Latino:
    • incrementum (increase)
    • praegressus (progress)
  • မြန်မာဘာသာ: ကြီးထွားရင့်သန်မှု
  •  日本語:
    • 開発 (かいはつ), 発育 (はついく) (evolution)
    • 啓発 (けいはつ) (enlightenment, edification)
    • 生育 (せいいく) (biological growth)
    • 養成 (ようせい) (training, development)
  • ພາສາລາວ: ການພັດທະນາ (kanphadthana)
  • ภาษาไทย: พัฒนาการ (phạtʹhnākār)
  • தமிழ்: வளர்ச்சி (vaḷarcci)
  • Tiếng Việt: phát triểnkhuếch trương
  •  中文:
    • 發展 / 发展 (Pinyin: fāzhǎn)
    • 發達 / 发达 (Pinyin: fādá) (evolution)
    • 發育 / 发育 (Pinyin: fāyù) (growth)
    • 動態 / 动态 (Pinyin: dòngtài) (dynamic, movement)



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