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OotD: 2014-05-02

We’ve all been talking lately about innovation in fields especially like business. The term “social innovation” has become almost synonymous to social enterprise; the very essence of the technology sphere is innovation. It seems, then, that innovation is not simply a key solution to building a brighter tomorrow, but forms an integral, indispensable, and essential part of business as a way to be competitive – sustainably and responsibly.

But innovation is definitely not just for business, just as CSR is not just for business. It can make wonders in everyday things in our lives, such as handy shortcuts to finishing a domestic task, or multiplying the creative value of something. The latter in particular applies to mixing and matching entire outfits especially when you’re traveling. Faced with such a limited pool of resources, one can’t help but think of ways to spice things up, especially if you’re camera-hungry. 😛

That was something that did come to my mind earlier today. I did write in last night’s post that I had a button-down I had worn over a white T-shirt that I thought of reusing as sending it straight to the laundry basket seemed to be too hard. I was inspired by my friends’ and young nephews’ long-sleeved shirts with a differently-colored body to make it appear as if they were wearing two shirts, a short-sleeved over a long-sleeved. So I decided to wear said button-down over my long-sleeved T-shirt, creating an effect as seen below.


By the way, that’s a link to my LOOKBOOK page, featuring today’s look – do please hype it if you liked it!

The only sad thing is that I won’t do it very much in Manila – it’s impossible for me to wear casual long sleeves, nor two layers, without creating a deluge of sweat around me. That’s another reason why I look forward to trips to cooler places very much – it lets me bring out the inner fashionista in me. That is, if I even have a sense of style. Joking!

Enjoy the weekend!

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