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A Message from the BCYF Chairman

Welcome to CSR Bookshelf!

As a project of BCYF, our intent is to assist those from within and without our foundation by having a readily available resource that covers the various aspects of CSR.

Though mainly intended for the newly interested, CSR Bookshelf nonetheless hopes to cover all the bases of this topic, such as:

– The history and background of CSR, including reference to ethics and charity;

– Thoughts on CSR that benefits the company initiating or implementing (CSR 1.0) the program or project (including “mandated” CSR);

– Understanding social or responsible business where the CSR intention goes beyond the obvious benefits to the company or organization that set up the program or project (CSR 2.0); and

– An introduction to CSR that highlights “human value”: what we in BCYF refer to as CSR 3.0.

Meant to generate interest and action, but not to be comprehensive, this CSR Bookshelf also features WikiCSR, for institutions and individuals who have research that can be shared.

Since this project cannot be exhaustive, those in CSR and those interested are invited to comment on anything and everything in this site, so that we all end up with a resource that can truly be useful and helpful.

Happy reading!


Antonio S. Yap

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